Thurs|day [ˈθə:zdi, -deı US ˈθə:rz-] n [U and C] written abbreviation Thurs. or Thur.
[: Old English; Origin: ThunresdAg, from Thunor god of the sky + dAg 'day']
the day between Wednesday and Friday
on Thursday
I went to Edinburgh on Thursday.
She was working Thursday. AmE
Thursday morning/afternoon etc
There's a meeting on Thursday night.
last Thursday
He was arrested last Thursday.
this Thursday
Mark and I are driving south this Thursday.
next Thursday
(=Thursday of next week)
I'll see you next Thursday.
a Thursday
(=one of the Thursdays in the year)
Christmas Day is on a Thursday this year.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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